Single Mom Boot Camp

Video Series

What's more important than your children? What job is more critical than raising them? Now, suddenly, you are faced with the daunting challenge of raising your children alone. A single parent? Me? Where do you even begin?

The oldest of four children, raised by a single Mother, Dr. Jim A. Talley knows first hand the pain and difficulty facing single mothers trying to raise children without a supportive partner.


Dr. Talley has been counseling Single Moms and working through broken marriages in a clinical setting for more than 50 years. For the first time, we have taken the teachings and learning frameworks of Dr. Talley’s work to create video and on-line based eLearning courses to help Single Mothers raise exceptional children.

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Dr. Talley's 5 Episode Single Mom Boot Camp Video Series helps Single Mom's prepare for and tackle the daily challenges that face raising children in today's challenging world. Each hour long Episode will guide you through a series of tools and skills to help you and your children grow and thrive through these tough times. Enjoy the first Episode on us for FREE!. You can rent additional Episodes to enhance your skills for only $9.99 or purchase for them for only $14.99 below.