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Relationship Resources

Can Help

Save Your

Is it possible for a couple
whose marriage is in serious trouble
to restore harmony—and even love—
to their relationship?

Dr. Jim A. Talley, Ph.D knows it is and he has spent more than 50 years developing the resources to lead couples through the reconciliation process and strengthen marriages.

It takes work, but the process developed by Dr. Talley’s will show you why reconciliation is worth the effort and provides practical, biblical advice on how to resolve conflicts and develop a relationship based on mutual love, respect, and trust.

Over the last 50 year Dr. Talley has developed many resources to lead couples through the reconciliation process. These resources and techniques are now available through our 6 Month Program. Click below to learn more.

Other ways to improve your marriage:

  • Schedule Marriage Counseling sessions with Dr. Jim A. Talley.
    Call 405-822-8300 to setup your first appointment.

  • Enroll in a Coaching CourseThe Reconciliation Instruction online coaching course, designed by Dr. Talley, enables you to think objectively about how to stabilize your marriage.

  • The additional resources listed below can help you find ways to improve your relationship.


Dr. Jim A. Talley, Ph.D has spent decades developing these resources to help save your marriage. 




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