Reconciliation Checklist

A Road map Through the Swamp of Separation and Divorce

For the first time, Relationship Resources is offering the teachings of Dr. Jim A. Talley, Ph.D via on-line video based courses.

The Reconciliation Checklist Series is a critical tool for coaches, counselors, patients and clients waging war on forces bent on destroying your relationship.

This series provides an invaluable checklist detailing the critical issues you will face while being separated or facing divorce.  The series includes a step by step guide to monitor progress and prepare you for the rough seas ahead.

This course was developed more than 50 years ago and successfully applied during more than 100,000 hours of direct clinical treatment with patients seeking help with their relationships. The course was developed to give you the necessary tools to engage the challenges facing your relationship and to provide you with a detailed timeline of your recovery, regardless of how your marriage turns out.

Without the Reconciliation Check List, it is very difficult to learn from the past, live in the present or launch successfully into the future of your relationships

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