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Over the last 50 year Dr. Talley has developed the resources to lead couples through the reconciliation process and improve their relationships. Many of these resources have been converted into courses which couples can work through together or individuals can take on their own.

The overall program is divided into three phases that most couples can complete in six months.

Phase One: Relationship Evaluation

Meet with your instructor once a week for four weeks.

  • Week One: Explain and complete the Intake Questionnaire so your instructor can assess your relationship needs.

  • Week Two: Take the TJTA personality profile assessment to be reviewed with your instructor.

  • Week Three: Discuss Subjectivity from the TJTA assessment and how it effects interpersonal communication.

  • Week Four: Review the Prerequisites to define the requirements of Phase Two.

Phase Two: Relationship Improvement

Meet with your instructor every other week for four months.


On the alternate weeks you will be assigned an agenda to discuss together as a couple.

After establishing the prerequisites for phase two earlier in the process, and adjusting the pace of instructor meetings, this allows us to dramatically reduce the cost of repairing your relationship.

Phase Three: Relationship Follow Up

Meet with your instructor once a month for two months.

After Phase Two you will meet with your instructor once a month for two months. This follow up period allows you review and correct any brokenness in your interpersonal relationship.

Most couples can complete this program in six months.

This program is designed to be a short, fixed-length process which gives you long-term value, with a lower cost than traditional therapy.


Per 45 Minute Session

$1,200 Total
(4 Sessions)

Phase 1


Per 45 Minute Session

$4,500 Total
(15 Sessions)

Phase 2

During Phases Two and Three of the program instructors may assign courses from our coaching platform as part of the agenda.


Per 45 Minute Session

$600 Total
(2 Sessions)

Phase 3

Full Program Discount

$4,500 paid in advance.

($1800 discount*)

*All discounted services and programs are nonrefundable.
Fees must be applied to 
counseling or coaching sessions.

Call 405-822-8300 to get started.

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